Capital Graphics 2023

University of Maryland, College Park

Cherry Blossoms

Capital Graphics is a workshop for DC-area graphics researchers


  • Short Talks: Everyone who wants will get to make a brief presentation (~5 minutes). Straightforward: students talk about their projects, professors talk about their labs. Exciting: pitch an idea looking for collaborators, tell us about a cool new tool or technique.
  • Demos and Mingling: We will have a demo and mingling session. Everyone should bring their laptops (or other equipment) to demo from.


10:05am–12:00pm5-minute Presentations
 Saeed HadadanUniversity of Maryland, College Park
 YunFan ZhouNew York University
 Bei XiaoAmerican University
 Michael TaoNew York University
 Niall WilliamsUniversity of Maryland, College Park
 Minyoung KimGeorge Mason University
 Davit SoseliaUniversity of Maryland, College Park
 Zachary FergusonNew York University
 Kamal GuptaUniversity of Maryland, College Park
 Arthur ShapiroAmerican University
 Liuchuan YuGeorge Mason University
 Brandon FengUniversity of Maryland, College Park
 Brendan David-JohnVirginia Tech
 Jinwei YeGeorge Mason University
 Sai-Kit YeungHKUST
 Craig YuGeorge Mason University
 Jiaye WuUniversity of Maryland, College Park
 Cheng-Kang Ted ChaoGeorge Mason University
 Ran ZhangTencent Pixel Lab
 Yixin HuTencent Pixel Lab
1:30pm–3:30pm5-minute Presentations
 Ari BlenkhornJohns Hopkins Applied Physics Lab
 Matthias ZwickerUniversity of Maryland, College Park
 Henro KrielGeorge Mason University
 Crane He ChenJohns Hopkins University
 David LiUniversity of Maryland, College Park
 Chuan YanGeorge Mason University
 Ryan CapouellezNew York University
 Yotam GingoldGeorge Mason University
 Sing Chun LeeJohns Hopkins University
 Shuhong ChenUniversity of Maryland, College Park
 Jialin HuangGeorge Mason University
 Adam BargteilUniversity of Maryland, Baltimore County
 Soumyadip (Roni) SenguptaUniversity of North Carolina, Chapel Hill
 Manuel RebolGeorge Washington University
 Xue YuGeorge Mason University
 Mark NelsonAmerican University
 John HanacekSelf, AvatarMEDIC and Nanome
 Yue HaoISEE Inc
 Erdem MuratGeorge Mason University
 Daniel ZintNew York University
 Geng LinUniversity of Maryland, College Park
 Siqi WangNew York University
3:30pm–4:00pmDemo Session and Mingling


The event will be held at the University of Maryland, College Park.

Brendan Iribe Center for Computer Science and Engineering, room 1116
8125 Paint Branch Drive
College Park MD 20742
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The building is accessible by metro (Green Line) followed by campus shuttle or by car. Details can be found here.

Past Years

2022, 2019, 2018