Yotam Gingold

Yotam Gingold bio, cv

Associate Professor
Department of Computer Science
George Mason University

Office: ENGR 4427 (map) (office hours)
Email: ygingold@gmu.edu or yotam@yotamgingold.com
Phone: +1-703-993-9196

About CraGL

Welcome to the Creativity and Graphics Lab (CraGL) at George Mason University, led by Dr. Yotam Gingold (bio). Our mission is to solve challenging visual, geometry, and design problems and pursue foundational research into human creativity. We research and teach as part of GMU's Department of Computer Science.

Our work is supported by the generosity of the National Science Foundation (including CAREER), Google, and Adobe. Our research has been incorporated into Adobe Creative Cloud as Illustrator's Puppet Warp tool.


  • Chuan Yan's paper "A Benchmark for Rough Sketch Cleanup" has been accepted to SIGGRAPH Asia 2020. This is a collaboration with our friend David Vanderhaeghe.
  • Joe Graus's paper Interacting with Self-Similarity was accepted to the journal Computer-Aided Design.
  • Yotam Gingold will be the moderator for the Pattern and Color (virtual) session at SIGGRAPH 2020.
  • Josh Park is visiting us for the summer (virtually).
  • Xue Yu is interning at Adobe Research (virtually).
  • Songrun Liu and Jianchao Tan's paper Hyperspectral Inverse Skinning was accepted to Computer Graphics Forum.
  • Yotam Gingold served on the program committees for SGP, SMI, and PG 2020.